The curriculum will lead to successful learners with

  • Enthusiasm and motivation for learning 

  • Determination to reach high standards of achievement

  • Openness to new thinking and ideas 

And able to

  • Use literacy, communication and numeracy skills

  • Use technology for learning

  • Think creatively and independently

  • Learn independently and as part of a group

  • Make reasoned evaluations

  • Link and apply new kinds of learning in new situations

The curriculum will lead to confident individuals with

  • Self-respect 

  • A sense of physical, mental and emotional well being 

  • Secure values and beliefs 

  • Ambition

And able to

  • Relate to others and manage themselves

  • Pursue a healthy and active lifestyle

  • Be self- aware

  • Develop and communicate their own beliefs of the world

  • Live as independently as they can

  • Assess risks and take informed decisions

  • Achieve success in different areas of activity

The curriculum will lead to responsible citizens with

  • Respect for others

  • Commitment to participate responsibly  in political, economic, social and cultural life

And be able to

  • Develop knowledge and understanding of the world and our country’s place in it

  • Understand different beliefs and cultures

  • Make informed choices and decisions

  • Evaluate environmental, scientific and technological issues; develop informed ethical views of complex issues

The curriculum will lead to effective contributors with

  • An enterprising attitude

  • Resilience

  • Self-reliance

And be able to

  • Communicate in different ways and in different settings

  • Work in partnership and in teams.

  • Take the initiative and lead

  • Apply critical thinking in new contexts

  • Create and develop

  • Solve problems

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